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Protection Dogs

Your Safety, Our Priority

Our dogs are not trained for sport; they are trained as personal bodyguards, ready to engage and protect in real-life situations At TYR Protection Dogs, we understand the value of security and peace of mind in today’s world. Our mission is to provide families and individuals with not just a pet, but a highly trained canine bodyguard. Each of our protection dogs for sale has undergone rigorous training to ensure they meet the highest standards of obedience, protection, and companionship. We don´t do sports dogs, this is the real deal.

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Meet our dogs | Protection Dogs For Sale

Get acquainted with our elite team of protection dogs for sale. Each dog’s profile highlights their unique skills, personality, and training level. Whether you’re looking for a fearless guardian or a gentle protector, find your perfect match among our top-tier canines.

Meet our team.

Why Choose TYR Protection Dogs?


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Our dogs are trained to handle various security scenarios with calmness and precision. From deterring threats to providing loyal companionship, our canines are versatile protectors. We train our dogs for real protection not sports.


Family-Friendly Guardians

Beyond their protective instincts, our dogs are raised to be loving members of your family. They integrate seamlessly, providing both security and companionship.


Peace of Mind

Knowing you have a dedicated protector by your side offers unparalleled peace of mind. Our dogs are vigilant, always there to ensure your safety and well-being.

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Training Process

Our comprehensive training program encompasses advanced obedience, protection scenarios, and socialization to ensure they are ready for any situation. Learn more about our world-class trainers and state-of-the-art facilities where safety meets sophistication.

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Not Sports.

At TYR Protection Dogs, we prioritize real-world security over sport. Our dogs are not trained for sport; they are trained as personal bodyguards, ready to engage and protect in real-life situations.

Each dog is meticulously prepared to act decisively and effectively, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

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Just wanted to thank Rui for his excellent service,importing the perfect dog was made easy,he listened to what we wanted from a dog and gave us exactly what we wished for , always on hand for advice and help

5 stars for such a honest dogman.
Jane Kinsley

Thank you Rui for helping us pick out our first family dog! She is so beautiful and strong, with wonderful disposition. You have been very helpful throughout this process, from first photos and videos, letting us know the puppy’s characteristics and keeping in touch. Geo pets were very helpful and guided us well with all the obstacles of transportation during the pandemic and documents. Thank you all!

We will be recommending you to our friends and other dog lovers.
Lena Bragina

The Real Deal

At TYR Protection Dogs, we stand behind the efficacy and readiness of our canine protectors. Unlike others, our focus isn’t on training for competition; it’s on preparing real guardians for real threats.

The Protection Dogs we have for sale are conditioned to be vigilant, responsive protectors in your daily life, ensuring that when the moment demands, they’re more than just companions—they’re your personal defense.

What Make Us Unique?


The real deal

At TYR Protection Dogs, we pride ourselves on offering the finest protection dogs available. Here’s why you should choose us:

– **World-Class Bloodlines**: We only work with the best bloodlines in the world, ensuring our dogs possess superior genetics for protection and obedience.

– **Focus on Elite Breeds**: While we specialize in German Shepherds, known for their exceptional abilities in protection work, we also consider other top breeds suitable for this job.

– **Expert Trainers**: Our trainers have extensive experience in preparing dogs for real-world protection scenarios, not just for sports. They understand what it takes to train a dog for genuine family protection.

– **Real-World Training**: We focus on training dogs for real-life situations, ensuring they are ready to protect you and your loved ones effectively.

– **Family Socialization**: Our dogs are socialized in a family environment, including interactions with children, making them well-rounded and better suited to fit into family life.

Choose TYR Protection Dogs for unparalleled expertise, top-notch training, and dogs that are truly prepared to protect your family.

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