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Only 7 month on those pictures, we have been preparing him for big things, this dog is nothing less then perfect, very solid nerves, high drive, very calm and do very well with kids. 

From old German and Chech lines, this dog is no joke when he gets serious, this dog is a director level candidate.


Super intense dog, he do better with someone that want a personal canilne bodyguard, super strong male, high drive, extreme intense when it comes to agression, this dog means serious business.

From old German and Chech lines, direct son of Viktor one of the most intense GSD ive seen.


Our sweet Bella, this female is perfect for any family with kids , shes super sweet, energetic, playful and when the time comes to protect you better run.

Super pedigree on this female, she have a extremelly high level of obedience, extremelly smart girl.


Arko is a beautiful male, strong, big one, he is perfect for any family that needs a real guardian, he have extremelly good guarding instincts, so he is not just a protection dog, he is a very solid guard dog also.

Bicolor, and one of the most beautiful dogs we have at this point.


This dog is special, first because he is not a GSD or a Malinois, this dog is a giant almost 200 LBS Boerboel male. He is now 3 years of age, im sure he is the most advanced Boerboel in the world.

This dog is perfect for a family with kids, for a family that stay at home most of the time as this is not active as. a GSD or Malinois, he is super chilled, super sweet but will turn into a criminal worse nightmare if needed.

Super advanced in protection and obedience training, just his mpresence will make any one that want to hurt you think twice. This is a very special doçg and unique , if you are looking for something unique this is the way to go.



This Malinois is the only one we have, we usually work more with GSD, but this dog is not a random malinois, this is a machine. Very high level of agression and control which is not common to see in a malinois, he literally is a soldier.

High level of energy ( typical Malinois), perfect for someone with active life.

French and Belgian lines.


Our Team

example team member

Rui Navarro

Founder / Protection Trainer

Founder of TYR Protection dogs and also Elite Boerboel Kennel. Rui have more then 25 years of experience with dogs. Head trainer for protection and obedience, and responsible for TYR Dogs Marketing.

example team member

Sandra Freitas

Founder / Obedience Trainer

Sandra add the family touch all our dogs need to be part of any family. A Protection dog is not just a mad machine that only bites, a true TYR Dog is a dog that can live with you and your family and behave properly. Obedience training expert.

example team member

André Colaço

Protection Trainer

With over 25 years of experience with protection dogs, André already prepared dogs for families, military, police, sports and even work with Military in Iraq war. Protection trainer.

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