meet the team.

meet the team.

Rui Navarro

Founder of TYR Protection dogs and also Elite Boerboel Kennel. Rui have more then 25 years of experience with dogs.

Head trainer for protection and obedience, and responsible for TYR Dogs Marketing.

Sandra Navarro

Sandra add the family touch all our dogs need to be part of any family.

A Protection dog is not just a mad machine that only bites, a true TYR Dog is a dog that can live with you and your family and behave properly.

Obedience training expert.

André Colaço

With over 25 years of experience with protection dogs, André already prepared dogs for families, military, police, sports and even work with Military in Iraq war.

Protection trainer.

Gonçalo Gonçalves

Obedience and IGP background, Gonçalo is one of the most promising young trainers we´ve seen.


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